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Dallas Sidekicks…Never Say Die!

Where were you when the Dallas Sidekicks won the 1986-87 Major Indoor Soccer League Championship?

Raise your hand if you even know who the Sidekicks were.

Most sports fans from the Dallas-area around in the mid-’80′s, know exactly who the Sidekicks were, and what they accomplished that season.

It was an abysmal time when the city’s professional teams were collectively at an all-time low.

-The Dallas Cowboys finished 7-9 that season, even with Tony Dorset & Herschel Walker in the backfield. 

-The Texas Rangers were nothing more than a .500 ball club. 

-The Dallas Mavericks did finish first in the Midwest, but were knocked out in the 1st-round of the playoffs.

You didn’t have much to look forward to as a D/FW sports fan that year.

The Dallas Sidekicks weren’t even a team at the beginning of the 1986 season. The organization folded during the off-season, only to be resurrected during an 11th-hour deal from private owners in Dallas.

The league was suffering financially. Teams were struggling to meet payroll. Yet every season, players returned to play.

That’s what you do if you’re a futballer…find the game.

So Sidekick’s Tatu, Mark Karpun, Willie Molano, Mike Uremovich, Kevin Smith, Kris Sobieski, Wes McCleod, Ed Radwanski, Doc Lawson, Victor Moreland, and many others, did exactly that during the 1986-87 season…find the game. In doing so, not only did they find their game…they found themselves, and in the end…won a championship.

I’ll spare everyone the details of the season and each playoff series. If you know this story, details aren’t necessary. They’re embedded into your hearts forever.

Just know that it was a glorious time for indoor soccer in America. Especially for the Never Say Die darlings of the league, the Dallas Sidekicks.

Enjoy the memorable photos, as well as a pretty cool 4:27 highlight video of Game 7 against the Tacoma Stars, narrated by Dallas’ own bizarro do-everything announcer, Norm Hitzges.

Notice the trophy is broken. Dallas players ripped it in half during the celebration (seen in the video below)

Do you recall Tatu’s goal scoring celebrations?

Karpun scored the game winning goal in Game 7

Rugged Defender nicknamed “Indoor Warrior”

Scrappy MF nicknamed “The Smudger”

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