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2013 Dallas Cowboys After Action Review


We Knew It Was Going To Be A Long Season When…

Dallas forced 3 turnovers in the season opener’s first five minutes and only mustered 3 first quarter points. Dallas won but came away with more questions than answers.

We Knew It Was Going To Be A Longer Season When…

In a record-setting day against Denver, the near-perfect Tony Romo led Dallas to a 48-41 4th quarter comeback only to throw an ill-advised pass deep in his own territory.  The Broncos snuck out of Arlington with a 51-48 win.

The First True Sign Our Defense Was In Trouble Is When…

Calvin Johnson actually turned into a robotic-Decepticon and hauled in 14 catches for 329 yards. Man-to-man, zone, double team or triple team. Megatron could not be stopped.

The Loss That Hurt The Most…

Motown Mayhem. Dallas held two 10-point fourth quarter leads as well as leading by six with 1:02 left. 17, 22, 26 & 54 yard 4th quarter catches by Calvin Johnson (see above notes) erased 50 & 60 yard fourth quarter touchdown receptions by Dez Bryant & Terrence Williams.

The Win We Thought Turned Our Season Around But Really Didn’t….

Nothing exciting happened in Philly other than a solid road win. A depleted Dallas defense delivered a knock out blow to the Eagles, literally, knocking out newly anointed QB Nick Foles and Chip Kelly’s high-octane offense, 17-3. Doomsday quickly reverted back to their old selves, losing to Detroit (see both notes above) & New Orleans and nearly giving one away at home versus Minnesota.

Best Excuse That Possibly Saved Jason Garrett’s Job…

Dallas started 19 different defensive lineman. 19! Theoretically, that’s four new players every three games. How can any coach expect to maintain defensive continuity with such chaos?

Second Best Excuse That Possibly Saved Jason Garrett’s Job…

The most talked about herniated disk in Dallas. When, where and exactly how Tony Romo injured his back nobody will know. But after landing on injured reserve with one game remaining, starting journeyman Kyle Orton in yet another win-or-go home game was the best case scenario for the Red Rocket to keep his job.

By The Numbers:

1124 – Rushing yards by DeMarco Murray (Imagine the possibilities if Callahan ran him properly)

82 – Longest touchdown from scrimmage (Romo to Williams)

36 – Most points scored in a win (vs NYG)

17 – Fewest points scored in a win (vs Philly)

16 – Fewest ponts scored in a loss (vs KC)

48 – Most points scored in a loss (vs Denver)

Worth It Or Not Worth It?

$31,462 – Salary per catch by Dez Bryant (93 receptions)

$149,516 – Salary per catch by Miles Austin (24 receptions)

$90,000 – Salary per sack by George Selvie (7 sacks)

$1,348,958 – Salary per sack by Demarcus Ware (6 sacks)

$216,634 – Salary per pass defended by Orlando Scandrick (13 deflections)

$417, 846 – Salary per pass defended by Brandon Carr (13 deflections)

$4,243 - Salary per point scored by PK Dan Bailey (28 FG/48 PAT=131 points)

$3,588, 400 – Salary for Miles Austin despite not scoring a single point in 2013.

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ESPN’s Mike & Mike: “Dallas Defense Is Out Of Date”

Monte Kiffin is at a crossroads headed into the final three games.

Monte Kiffin is at a crossroads headed into the final three games.

ESPN Radio host Mike Greenberg of Mike & Mike In The Morning stated a very interesting observation regarding the Dallas Cowboys defense:

I’ve heard from multiple sources that Monte Kiffin’s ‘Tampa 2′ is outdated and antiquated.

Greenberg was responding to a set of rapid fire questions from an assistant regarding the state of the Cowboys.

With three games left, what is Dallas to do to make up ground against Philadelphia who hold a one game lead in the NFC East?

Making a coaching change this late in the middle of a divisional race is clearly not the answer. As true as Greenberg’s observation was, flipping the script with a brand new defensive scheme is furthest from the answer as well.

Improving player personnel? There just isn’t anyone out there to grab. Besides, whatever was left on the scrap heap surely has already been picked up by Dallas as evident in their No-Name Defense.

Again the question is presented: Unable to stop even the weakest of offenses, “What is Dallas to do with their ‘antiquated’ defensive scheme?”

The only solution is to dial-up simple blitz packages on opposing quarterbacks. Regardless who the opposing quarterback is, Dallas’ front four has been unable to create pressure in the pocket, making 2nd & 3rd string QB’s look like all-pros.

Receivers are lolly-gagging throughout Dallas’ secondary finding every single hole available. Blitzing 1-2 linebackers at a time or calling the occasional cornerback blitz will at least make quarterbacks think a little quicker, possibly forcing a turnover or two.

What’s the worst that could happen? Opposing quarterbacks will throw for 350 yards and 4 TD’s game after game?

That’s already happening.

No Doom For Dallas’ No-Name Defense


Do you think Tiger Woods could win The Masters given just a pitching wedge and putter?

Can 6-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson win a seventh title driving on three flat tires?

Imagine the look on Lebron’s face when the ref hands him a flat basketball.

Defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin must have been thinking the same thing sitting in the frigid coaches box Monday night. Dallas’ Doomsday Defense couldn’t stop Chicago’s high-flying offense to save their lives.

The Ledger attempted to give each defensive player a grade, but it was difficult being that I had no idea who some of the guys on the field were. As Lee, Ware, Hatcher, Carter et al trotted off the frozen field due to injury, someone with a star on their helmet filled in their spot.

Only the good Lord knows who they were, because I’ll bet the house Coach Kiffin & assistant Rod Marinelli didn’t bank their jobs on these guys.

Speaking of jobs, Cowboy fans can throttle down on the ‘Fire Kiffin!’ threats.

Neither Tiger, Jimmie or Lebron would be worth a sack of rocks if they were given damaged goods to play with. So why should Monte Kiffin be held accountable to the point he must fear for his job?

Realize they are playing guys that have been pulled from the NFL bread line. Not practice squad players, unemployed men! 

I will agree, regardless of what backup was on the field, Kiffin should have dialed up a few more blitzes. On third down backed up inside their own 5-yard line, Kiffin chose to rush a three-man front providing absolutely no pressure whatsoever on QB Josh McCown. That seemed to be the theme throughout the night. Contain the big play as opposed to letting them drive the ball down your throat.

Pick your poison Monte.

It’s tough watching this game after game. Realistically, this is as good our defense is going to get. I heard a lot of blame on Jerry Jones. Not drafting well and failing to provide his coaches with quality reserves are valid points.

MNF analyst Jon Gruden said it best, “This Dallas Cowboys defense is not a championship caliber defense”.

Spot on Chuckie.

Skip Bayless tweeted this regarding the Cowboys loss:

“Dallas’ $55 million guaranteed QB has thrown for all over 104 yards tonight. Chicago’s backup has thrown for nearly 350, 4 TDs & run 1 in.”

Yeah, real intelligent observation Skip. I guess Romo is “the real” problem here.