Hamilton Forgiven

Josh Hamilton


It’s O.K. Josh.

You made your mistake…again. You stood up to your mistake…again. And you walked away a stronger man…again.

What kind of perfect world do we live in to expect such perfection from one of MLB’s most darkest yet influential players?

Texas Ranger outfielder Josh Hamilton’s drug addiction and alcohol abuse is well documented.

From a crack house to home plate is how the story plays out. There’s no denying that. Hamilton knows it. You know it. We all know it. Denial would be an easy place to run and hide after his latest alcohol related incident. But he didn’t run, nor did he hide from the transgression.

I’m sure Hamilton was well-advised to hold a press conference by a swarm of confidants, to include his agent, Ranger management, and family & trusted friends. But the words that came out of Josh’s mouth during his 12-minute apology were not advised or scripted. They were his own, led by his faith.

They were words of a man in deep pain. Words of sorrow. Statements of disgust for his actions. Words of embarrassment. Shame he brought upon people that love him the most. Words of tears.

But nary a tear was shed.

Hamilton refused to skirt the issue. No 12-minute tap-dance routine. No blaming the media. Just straight up truth and honesty for what he did during his weakest moment.

Hamilton addresses the media

“I cannot take a break from my recovery,” Hamilton said. “My recovery is Christ. My recovery is an everyday process. When I take that one day off, it leaves me open for a moment of weakness and it’s always been that way.

He walked out of the press room with his head held high, just as he did when he walked in.

Hamilton doesn’t want a pity party thrown on his behalf. He’s not saying the right things because his contract is up after this year. Nor is Hamilton trying to keep big-brother MLB from suspending him.

He’s taking accountability for his actions. The Texas smasher has been given a pedestal in which to stand on with the expectation of showing the world how to stand up for your own actions.

He needs to be held accountable for sure. This embarrassment needs to be dealt with by the Texas Rangers. But Hamilton knows this. He’s ready and willing to face the consequences.

Hamilton has lived a life of nightmares and will be well armed for his next test.

Because rest assured, there will be another test waiting right around the corner.

It’s O.K. Josh.

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  1. How much of a clown is Josh Hamilton ? Would this moron be saying the same thing had he got behind the wheel of a vehicle and then incapacitated a victim ? Idiots like this deserve no sympathy from the public at all !

    How the hell can he be taking any accountability for his actions when he’s a repeat offender ? If he’s not learned after the second or third incident what makes you think that this won’t happen again ?

    tophatal ………………..

  2. A buddy of mine asked a great question: Why do we drop everything to make a huge story out of this? Would any body care if this guy was a .225 hitter?

  3. @TopHat: Ive never dealt with drug or alcohol abuse personally, but have seen the darkness it causes. It is a self inflicted state of sickness…I agree…but he didn’t drive drunk or kill somebody like you are hypothetically suggesting. This is about forgiveness and recognizing a mistake.

    Lone Star Sports Ledger

  4. @JDub: Good point! Answer: probably wouldn’t even be a story. However, Hamilton is more than a .225 hitter. He’s an MVP. And as an MVP, he doing what is expected of a star. More importantly, he’s showing that we are not bullet proof and susceptible to ignorance, but unlike many others, Hamilton is willing to shoulder his past all by himself.

  5. What difference does being an MVP make? The point is why is this news? Guy with an alcohol issue gets drunk…who cares? If he goes off the wagon permanently and affects his on -the-field performance, then it’s an issue. Or if he does something illegal, then it’s news.

    Bottom line is that I want to watch ESPN, not TMZ.

  6. Victoria Anguiano

    So true. He slipped and has consequences, but at least he took responsibility for his actions. Most importantly, he knows God is with him. Loved the story. It is news worthy because people need to see you can recover when you fall, but you have to take responsibility first.

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