It’s A Great Time To Be A Dallas Sports Fan!


Once in a blue moon, the stars align and everything seems to come together for a city and their sports franchises.

The Boston-area has been the most recent beneficiary. The Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup and the Red Sox and Patriots are always at the forefront of championship contender talk.

The Green Bay-Milwaukee metropolis is currently experiencing a pretty good run. The defending Superbowl champions are off to a 6-0 start and the Brewers made it to this year’s ALCS.

Watching one of your teams play at a championship level will certainly forge a “feel-good” attitude throughout the city. But when the moon finally turns blue and astronomical alignment¬†does occur, as is the case in Dallas, no words can explain what a fan feels when “your guys” are collecting titles.

The Ledger will take a look at the recent success of Dallas’ sports franchises, as well as the positive vibes they bring to the city.


The Dallas Mavericks get the nod as king of the hill in Big D, simply because they are the current NBA champs. The perennial-under achieving-Dirk Nowitzki-led Mavs, morphed into a title contender overnight, late into the season. Overcoming injuries to key players as the regular season was winding down, coach Rick Carlisle was forced to use his reserves. In doing so, he unearthed a pile of gold sitting on the pine. Barrera, Stevenson, Terry et al, quickly became the mantra of the Mavericks: “If you stop one of us, there’s eleven more coming right behind me”. Dallas cruised through the playoffs by crushing inferior teams, including a sweep of the Lakers, en route to a dominating performance over the self-inflicted overhyped Miami Heat in the NBA championship. It”s music to Dallas’ ears to start a sentence off with, “The defending NBA champions Dallas Mavericks…!”


The Texas Rangers earned their second consecutive trip to the World Series by pounding the Detroit Tigers into submission in Game 6 of the ALCS. Last year, Texas exorcised their playoff demons by finally beating the New York Yankees. But waiting was a much younger and dominant SF Giant rotation that proved too much for the Ranger bats to handle. Oh what a difference a year makes. This year’s AL pennant winners have an unusual look in their eyes. Pain. It has resonated all season throughout Ron Washington’s dugout. Not physical pain, but emotional. Psychological hurt from losing what may have been there only chance at winning a championship. Now they’re back, and Washington’s team is playing ball better than they ever have. Ron Ball.


OK, this may be a bit of a stretch. Lumping the ‘Boys into the same championship category as the Mavericks and Rangers is ludicrous, I know. But they are the Dallas Cowboys, and regardless of what else is going on in the D/FW area, parents will give up their first-born if it meant they could experience another Lombardi trophy. Jerry has done just about everything he can do to assemble the makings of a champion. He built a new stadium humorously referred to as Darth Vader’s Death Star. He’s got the¬†hot-shot new coach. A Joe Namath like QB. Jerry’s World even hosted a Superbowl. But Dallas’ darling can’t seem to find their groove. Nevertheless, love ‘em or hate ‘em, every game is a championship game for the Cowboys.


Quick! Who won Major League Soccer’s championship last year. If you said FC Dallas, you were close. FCD made it to the finals during a magical year, but lost in sudden death overtime on a fluke goal to the Colorado Rapids. This year, Dallas started the season off right where it left off, including making it to the prestigious CONCACAF Champions League, and the semi-finals of the 2011 Lamar Hunt tournament. During Champions League, Dallas became the first club team in MLS history to defeat a Mexican club on their own soil. A series of injuries, transfer rumors, and untimely bad play, have FCD reeling as the season comes to an end. But they did qualify for their second consecutive playoff appearance, and have an exciting player in Brek Shea who double duties as US Men’s National Team’s “golden boy”.


Whatever sport you fancy, if you reside in the D/FW metroplex, you have to be stoked about what’s occurring around the city. Walk into any sports bar, restaurant, or game watching party at your neighbors, and you’ll see championship caliber sports before your eyes.

But don’t wait too long to watch history unfold. Just as quickly as the moon turns blue and the star all line up behind one another, they will surely fade into the feared black hole.

History is unfolding right before your eyes Dallas, enjoy it while you can!

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  1. Great time to be a Dallas fan for sure! I’m super excited for the MLS playoffs!

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