Fantasy Football Insanity Is Upon Us!

Anyone know when fantasy football first started? How about who started the first FFL? Ever wonder what the rosters consisted of? My guesses were: (1) 1980′s, (2) I have no idea, (3) and I really have no idea!

The first documented league was called The GOPPPL (Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League), and took place at the King’s X cocktail bar in Oakland, 1962. The league consisted of eight members made up of administrative affiliates of the AFL, pro football journalists, and a few faithful Raiders’ season ticket holders. Each roster consisted of: 2 QB, 4 RB, 2 FB, 4 OL (yes, Offensive Linemen!), 2 K/P, 2 DB/LB, and 2 DL. How in the world would you tally up points for D’Brickashaw Ferguson?

Here we are now, nearly 50 years later, still meeting up with friends at our favorite watering holes to draft, laugh, argue, and ridicule one another. Do you think the founding fathers in Oakland ever imagined fantasy football growing into what it has today?

Although the NFL kicked off the 2011 season with its annual Thursday night opener, for fantasy owners, the fun truly begins Sunday.

Attention all those who are in a meaningful relationship with a fantasy football owner: You might see some weirdness from your significant other come Sunday morning, (females owners included).

Here are a few other totally weird fantasy stories that border insanity:

-Fantasy owners have been known to fake a serious illness with the intention of skipping Sunday morning church service. A veteran and seasoned owner would begin laying the groundwork for contracting the swine flu on Saturday night. Popping a cocktail of ibuprofen, antihistamines, and Nyquil, usually does the job in portraying one as “dying”, rendering the owner useless and placing him on the UTGTC list. Unable To Go To Church. A 121 degree fever will surely get you out of church…won’t it?

-Once, I showed up late to military physical training during a recent assignment in Germany because I was waiting on a counter-trade offer from a fellow owner back stateside. The seven-hour time diference killed my sleep habits, let alone missing out on some trades and waiver wire pick-ups.

-An owner-friend of mine takes five days of vacation every year at the beginning of the fantasy football season. FIVE DAYS! His reasoning isn’t that far-fetched, and I somewhat like the idea, but if I have five vacation days to burn, you’ll find me on a beach! Not the living room sofa.

-I know a guy who studies diligently for the draft to the point of neglecting all nutritional values. But before the season even begins, he trades 50% of his team away. He has yet to win a league.

-We had a “friends-and-family” league where one of my buddy’s wife factored in drafting players (or didn’t draft players) based on who they were dating. She made the playoffs.

-Another friend of mine plays in no-less than ten leagues a year. Oyy!

-And the sickest story of all? I have a close friend who created a 10-team public league; created all 10 teams; drafted for all 10 teams (fairly and subjectively mind you); proposed and made trades for all 10 teams, including add/drops for all 10 teams. He won that year.

Kid’s diaper needs changing? It can wait until the pre-game show is over. The dogs have to “go”? They can hold it until half-time. We’re out of milk? I’ll stop by the Grab-N-Stab tomorrow on my way home from work. Fantasy football comes first, second, and last!

The start of the fantasy football season is to fantasy owners as the start of real football season is to real NFL players. Fantasy owners have been preparing for this since last December. It’s a ritual. It matters.

It’s a sickness no doubt. If you were diagnosed with a terminal disease, and content that there is no cure for it, FFS is the one you should be shooting for. Fantasy Football Stupidness.

Yes, the fantasy football season is upon us. It was looking a little shaky there for a while, but the NFL & NFLPA came through for us. I wonder if any fantasy football talk ever came up during those long labor meetings? Regardless, it’s here. The sports world gave us quite a bit to hang on to this summer, but nothing quite as important as fantasy football.

“Hello, my name is David. I have terminal Fantasy Football Stupidness. There is no cure, nor am I actively seeking one”.

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  1. Great read David. I can remember first being introducted to FF in the early 90′s. What sucked was you had to wait until the paper came out on Monday to manually add up the stat points. That would of really sucked to be the commissioner.

  2. Yup, I remember that too Jon!

    Opening up the Dallas Morning News sports section, checking the box scores and manually tallying my teams score was a Monday morning ritual for me as well.

    Thanks for stopping in and reading the Ledger!

  3. The wife speaking here… introduction to FF and now a partial obsession was a call from you WHILE you were deployed to a combat zone, asking me to adjust your lineup……..the rest, as they say ,is history!

  4. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have fantasy football back. The madness on Sunday, and all that is the greatest.

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