My Interview With Robin Carlin-Mile High Sports Magazine

Mile High Sports writer, Robin Carlin.

Who said girls can’t talk sports?

Name the sport and she’ll TKO you with her hot sports opinions and insight like no other journalist, east or west of the Rocky Mountains.

Read my interview with Robin Carlin, sports writer for Mile High Sports Magazine.

1) Welcome to the Lone Star Sports Ledger Robin! You’re a writer for Mile High Sports, can you give me a little background on your passion for sports and how your career began?

My passion for sports began when I was a kid. My older brother was an incredible athlete and I wanted to be just like him. We would go running together at a track at a nearby high school late at night. He’d time me, make me run laps with ankle weights, and was always trying to make me better. He came to all of my track meets and basketball games.

As far as my career in sports, I’d always wanted to be a sports reporter, but chose a different path (even went as far as grad school for finance). At 30, I decided I wanted to finally give it a shot. I worked (for free) for a local sports website, interviewing athletes. I moved on to sports radio and finally made my way to Mile High Sports, where I write for a magazine, have an online blog, and host a TV show. 

2) Would you want to be a Rockie, Bronco, Avalanche, or Nugget?

Rockie. I love the pace and the lifestyle of baseball. Also, from the outside looking in, the Rockies appear to be one of the more stable professional sports teams. The ownership seems very loyal to its players and I appreciate the culture in the clubhouse. 

3) You’re obviously happy with being a sports writer. What is your other “dream job”?

This is my dream job, just because I get to be involved with sports. But, specifically, I’d love to have Michelle Beadle’s job. 

4) Does the Orton-Tebow controversy resonate within Denver, or is it a national media hype?

It “is” Denver right now and seems like it might even be a global topic. 

5) Since we’re on the subject…Tebow or Orton?

Right now, I’m leaning towards Orton, just because he seems like he’s the best man for the job, based on his – and Tebow’s – performance this year at training camp. But, like most fans here in Colorado, I would love to see Tebow develop into a franchise quarterback. 

6) Carmelo Anthony. Some sports writers compare his trade request to The Decision. Any animosity there?

No, because Carmelo handled it as well as he possibly could. He was always accessible to the media. He didn’t flaunt his decision or take advantage of the organization in the process. However, I think both the “Melodrama” and “The Decision” epitomize everything that’s wrong with the NBA today. It’s become a player’s league. You would never see Peyton Manning, who plays for one of the smallest markets in the NFL, request a trade to a bigger city. 

7) Meat or Veggies?

I love both, but if I had to choose one, then meat, hands down.  

8 ) 5 years. Over/Under on when the Rockies will make it back to the playoffs?

Over. The Rockies are a big “grow from within” organization and the farm wasn’t too impressive this year. My confidence in the future has waned. 

9) Favorite sports movie not named Rudy, Hoosiers, or Bull Durham?

The Natural. “There goes Roy Hobbs, the best there ever was”

10) As a Denver sports fan, what would you rather see first? A Superbowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, or NBA Title?

World Series!

Told you so! Robin delivered an insightful look into the Denver sports scene, not only from a journalist’s perspective but from a die-hard fan’s take. Just like her interview with the Lone Star Sports Ledger, Robin’s blog,, is candid and professional. Give it a look-see and become a fan of Mile High Sports!

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  1. Nice interview, thanks for sharing. Liked her response about Tebow eventually becoming the franchise QB.

  2. Agreed. I prefer Tebow myself, but her answer makes sense for the organization.

  3. Good work David!

  4. Good interview. I agree that Tebow being the starter is what most people want to see.

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