Summer Hiatus

After 3 strong years, The Ledger is taking a break. Call it the Great Summer Hiatus 0f 2014.

With one daughter going to college (UNT) and another starting her senior year, plus a military promotion (E-7), and other family & military commitments coming up this summer, it’s time to take a knee for a short period.

I shall return in a few weeks. Thanks for your support and readership in helping make The Lone Star Sports Ledger what it is today!

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World Cup Quick Kicks Day 3


A look at a few interesting Quick Kicks of World Cup Brazil.

6 - Goals scored by players using their head after Day 3 of the tournament, none more spectacular however than Robbie Van Persie’s flying header.

28 – Total goals scored. As mentioned in my initial Quick Kicks, World Cup ’14 is on pace to crush the record for most goals scored in the tourney (1998-171 goals).¬†Saturday’s exciting matches added 13 more goals to the hot start in Brazil, bringing the overall total to 28 and a 3.5 per game average, well above the ’98 average of 1.52 per game.

3 – At least three goals have been scored in all but one of the eight matches played. The one game being a 1-0 Mexico victory over Cameroon.

0 – There has yet to be a tie in World Cup 2014.

1 - We saw our first red card of the tournament issued as Uruguay’s Maxi Pereira was ejected after a senseless foul late in the game.

Flying Dutchman Robbie Van Persie

Flying Dutchman Robbie Van Persie


World Cup 2014 Quick Kicks



A look at a few interesting nuggets during the early stages of World Cup Brazil


And the goals just keep on coming.

I know it’s early, but after just four matches 15 goals have already hit the back of the net for an average of 3.75 goals per game.

What’s the significance?

The record for total goals scored in a world cup tournament is 171 in 1998, an average of 1.52 goals per game.

At 3.75 a clip per game, World Cup 2014 is on pace to crush the record with 420 total goals scored.

Hey, we can dream can’t we?

Fall From Grace

Oddsmakers severely downgraded Spain’s chances of advancing from Group B after their nightmarish 5-1 loss to Netherlands.

La Roja’s chances of escaping Group B are now just 34 percent, down from 79 percent, and subsequently tacked the Spanish a 7 percent chance of winning the group, down from 48 percent.

Let us not forget that Spain suffered a similar opening group match loss to Switzerland (0-1) during the last world cup, only to continue their domination of the soccer world by winning the Jules Rimet trophy.

Drama Galore

In just four games fans have received enough drama to last the duration of the tournament.

3 – Goals that have been disallowed thus far, all being controversial decisions none the less. Goals were taken away from both Croatia (1) and Mexico (2).

5 – No one saw the five-goal drubbing of Spain at the hands of Netherlands. Total Futbol has returned!

2 – PK’s. One deserving and the other proving the overall inconsistency of FIFA officiating.